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We offer a wide variety of grooming services to accomadate all pet owners and just about any kind of pet.

Please browse through our services pages to find the products and services that suit your pets individual needs. If you need help evaluating the needs of your pet, our Pet Care Professionals are always avaliable to advise you.

Our Service Policies:
For the comfort, safety, and health of your pet we provide separate, private housing for each pet during their visits to our salon. Your pet will receive frequent opportunities to stretch out and play on an individual basis during their stay.

All pets must be current on all vaccinations as recommend by your veterinarian. Your vet information will be recorded and updated on a periodic basis.

All housing, styling stations, and equipment are disinfected between each and every pet. Towels are never reused and we use only clean, fresh water for bathing and cleaning (no recycling of water here!).

At LePaws pets are never drugged or sedated in any way. If you are in need or these services, or your pet cannot be groomed without them, it is suggested they be preformed under strict veterinary supervision.

We use only positive training methods with rewards, NEVER harsh words or punishment. A No Tolerance policy is maintained when it comes to the rough handling of any pet.

We only perform grooming and styling procedures that do not place undue stress or cause discomfort to your pet. We will not sacrifice your pet's safety and comfort for vanity.


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"You can trust your pets to us !

Le Paws Pet Grooming Salon
6565 Babcock Rd # 21
San Antonio, TX 78249
Phone: 210-690-9333

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